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Branded Apparel and Employee Morale

Let’s face it: your employees set the tone of your business. Good employee morale leads to about good everything else; better work, better results, and better company culture all begin with how your employees operate as a team and individually. Now you may be wondering why I’ve tied employee morale with branded apparel but the truth is that, in a small way, branded apparel has an effect on employee morale. Here are 4 ways branded apparel can boost employee morale:

  • Gifting branded company apparel shows your employees that you care! It’s been said many times before on this blog but – who doesn’t love free stuff? When you give employees a tangible item they will feel like valued team members. Another benefit is that employees, if given a desirable branded apparel item, will feel inclined to wear it outside of the office which results in advertising for you!

  • Branded apparel gives employees a commonality. Gather your team together and have everyone be involved in choosing the new apparel, put together a vote or select a few options for staff to pick from. Not only will this create a team bonding experience but it also results in a more cohesive-looking group.

  • “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe Your branded apparel makes statements about your brand without any words being spoken. Take the time when creating company clothing to choose items and products that reflect your brand and its values.

  • Reward your employees for their good work. Free apparel is always a good incentive- especially if it’s quality free apparel. Offer free apparel for goals met or even create friendly competitions that build team relationships while increasing productivity.

If you’re seeking a way to boost employee morale that is simple and cost-effective then consider ordering custom apparel for your team. You will be amazed as you see the difference that one shirt can make.

*This post was inspired by an article from Promote It, you can find the full article here.

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