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A Guide to Selecting Promotional Apparel

Promotional products have consistently been proven as the most effective form of advertising across all age demographics. Over 28% of consumers say they would prefer promotional apparel to any other type of promotional product. That being said, promotional apparel has the potential to become a key part of your organization’s growth! When it comes to selecting the right type of product the process can seem daunting with so many styles and items to choose from. This post is here to serve as a guide for selecting the company clothing that’s right for you.

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The first step in selecting the best promotional apparel for you and your organization is to decide the overall objective of your apparel and what type of apparel best fits that goal. When it comes to defining your objective some good questions to start with are:

  • What is the ideal outcome of this promotional campaign?

  • Am I looking to acquire new customers or focusing on keeping current customers engaged?

  • What type of apparel are my customers seeking?

  • Does my audience have more men or women?

  • Are they young adults or older adults?

  • What type of business are they in?

Once you’ve got your answers to these questions you can begin defining what products will help you accomplish these goals. Promotional wearables can include anything from t-shirts and polos to hats and beanies, so it’s important to know what your audience wants. For example, if your audience is composed of working professionals then branded polos would serve the demographic well. Most statistics show that t-shirts and hats are top-ranked among consumers as most desired among consumers. Consider running a test campaign by selecting some of your favorite apparel designs and see how different consumer demographics respond to each.

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When it comes to beginning to use promotional apparel in your business model the most important part is to just begin. As you begin to collect data on what product is working best, you can adapt to consumer wants and needs as you grow. Over time you’ll begin to see a significant return from your usage of promotional company clothing. This post is just the beginning of orienting your promotional product campaign, for more information and ideas check out our other blog posts. If you have an idea and want to see how we can help make it possible contact us here.

*This article was inspired by an article from Free Logo Services. Check it out their article here: HOW TO CHOOSE ENGAGING PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS

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