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Saving Animals in 55,000 Stitches

How can 55,000 stitches save an animal? That’s the question Darb Dunham Kids is answering with its children’s clothing collection that’s designed to save endangered animals. As of right now, the collection focuses on nine different animals each of which is on the brink of extinction. Meet each of the animals below.


Piper is the animal that started it all. Darb Dunham Kids owner, Randi Schembari, owned a corgi named Piper that loved all other animals it came into contact with. One day while watching the Ellen show Randi had the idea to start a children’s clothing company dedicated to saving animals. Thus Piper’s Promise was born. Piper is on a mission to save his animal friends from extinction and teaches us how we can help save animals far away, even while sitting at home. To read more about Piper’s adventures see his book here.

Piper the Corgi bomber jacket


Juneau is from Western Africa. Juneau is strong and always ready to help a friend that’s in need! Since the 1980’s the number of giraffes worldwide is estimated to have dropped by 30% and as of 2018, seven species of giraffes like Juneau were placed on the critically endangered list. Giraffes are essential in helping other animals to survive as they often serve as a warning signal to other animals of predators in the area as they can spot predators approaching from further away.


Indie is a Southern Indian elephant who is always thinking of her friends and how she can help them. Habitat loss forces elephants to seek other food and shelter sources which often leads them to smaller populations and the inability to follow ancient migration routes. Elephants are also at risk of being poached for their ivory tusks. Despite the worldwide ban on the ivory trade, poaching rates are increasing. Elephants like Indie are essential for helping maintain a healthy ecosystem in the areas they live.


Rocket is a lion king who can be found hanging around the African savanna. Rocket values standing up for all animals and those in his pride. Loss of habitat, illegal trading, and climate change are putting Rocket and his pride in danger. Lions are the chief predator of the savanna and play a crucial part in keeping herbivore populations in check.


Sailor comes from New Zealand and is known for his fluffy fleece which he shares with many who need clothes. The sheep population in New Zealand has dropped by 55% since 2010 due to an increase in dairy cattle using sheep pastures. Sheep like Sailor are an essential part of the global economy and New Zealand agriculture.


Zari a Grevy’s zebra from Ethiopia. Due to animal poaching and loss of habitat, there are only about 2,000 Grevy zebra in the wild! Zari and her friends are an important part of the ecosystem because they maintain vegetation by eating plants and stems (this also helps to control the insect population) and are also important prey for many of Africa’s predators.


Timani is from the island of Sumatra. Tigers have lived there for over two million years but due to illegal poaching, their numbers are beginning to decline. Like Rocket, Timani helps to keep control of the herbivore population where he lives.


Nash is from Namibia, Africa, and is a Southern White Rhinoceros. Due to poaching and other environmental challenges, there are only about 18,000 White Rhino’s left in the wild. Rhinos are important to changing the landscape around them as they consume large amounts of vegetation which benefits other animals around them.


In the mountains of Rwanda live Ace and his family. Due to deforestation and environmental challenges, there are only about 1,000 gorillas left in the wild. Gorillas are large-scale grazers who help keep vegetation in check but they also help distribute seeds throughout their habitats.

Illegal poaching, habitat deforestation, fragmentation, and disease threaten many wild animal populations every day. It is our challenge to do whatever we can to support conservation efforts so that our future generations will be able to enjoy and learn about these beautiful animals living in their natural habitats.

Darb Dunham’s donates 10% of proceeds of all sales to the Ellen Fund and The World Wildlife Fund. Their missions conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to biodiversity. They support some of the most endangered animals today, including our friends above. We have loved being a part of the Darb Dunham Kids' mission to save these animals. To learn more about how these jackets, check out the video below or visit

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