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Personalized Products

Have you ever purchased something and then realized that you needed an easy way to tell it apart from the rest? Maybe not altogether too frequently, but when it comes to some things- polos, jerseys, lab coats, or anything else that is worn by many others, a little personalized embroidery is just what’s needed to make it stand out from the rest.

The process for adding custom name embroidery is simple! Here’s how:

1. Work with someone from our team to either source or drop off the garments that need to be personalized. Along with making sure all necessary items are ready to be embroidered, you will also need to identify which name goes with which garment.

2. Once we have the names and garments we will add the names into our digital system. This enables our machines to be able to identify stitch counts and embroider them on the items.

3. Each garment is embroidered and supervised by a team member. The team member will ensure that everything is spelled correctly and that the embroidery meets our quality standards.

Once steps 1,2, and 3 are completed your newly personalized items will be ready for pick up! Take a quick look at some of our previous personalization projects and make sure to contact us to start your own.

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