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  • Gisselle Ramirez

Benefits Of Using Promotional Merchandise

Promotional products are beneficial to all brand sizes. They help showcase your brand in many different products.

Brand Exposure

Subtle exposure to a brand or product can highly influence buying decisions. Promotional merchandise has many options of products you can put your company on. From bookmarks and pens to jackets and backpacks, the products are endless.

Promotional merchandise can be customized to your specific audience and improves creativity to flow. Merchandise can be regular products, causing your logos to have more exposure. Allowing awareness of your company helps others know you exist.


Promotional merchandise is a variety of products that can help with a low cost per impression. Promotional products can scale to meet big and small businesses to be seen by hundreds or more in their lifetime. Promotional merchandise is something for every budget and every occasion.

Promotional products leave a large number of impressions compared to their initial cost, causing a good return on investment (ROI)

Recognizing Staff and Customer Loyalty

Promotional products can be a way to make employees and customers feel appreciated. Promotional gifts help boost morale which can help as marking employment or customer milestones.

Having meaningful products in the hands of your customers and employees can help cement relationships with them while empowering them to refer others to your brand.

Psychological Factors

Promotional products can play a psychological factor in decision-making. The mere exposure effect can help new customers be interested in buying products. Noticing a logo or brand often allows more customers to value and trust the company. People develop preferences for the things they are exposed to. Promotional products have a lot of psychological effects to them, hence why you see them in shows, movies, billboards, etc. Promotional products are a brand's success in hiding in plain sight.

This post was inspired by an article from Promotional Products. You can find their article and read it here.

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