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Avoiding Remote Work Burnout

The future of the workforce is changing. What started as moving to remote work out of necessity has become a popular choice preferred by many Americans as companies learn to navigate the post-pandemic world. As multiple COVID variants emerge, remote working or hybrid options are increasing in popularity and out of necessity yet again. While working from home offers many benefits it also lacks the community-esque feel of an office space and can often lead to burnout. If you’re worried about suffering from work-from-home burnout here are 4 tips to help you conquer the symptoms, prevent total burnout, and come out a remote work pro.

But first… the burnout symptoms. It can be hard to know what burnout feels like and while this is not a comprehensive list, it will help you get an idea of what possible warning signs are that you could be headed towards burnout.

Working from home can lead to longer work hours due to the inability to distinguish time off from working hours. If you’re feeling like you are running yourself ragged, it’s a pretty good indicator that you may be headed towards burnout. So how can you overcome burnout?

  • Get support- Whether this means seeing a professional therapist, talking with family or friends, or reaching out for assistance from coworkers, the right support will make life feel more manageable. Reach out to your employer or HR and see what options they have available- don’t be afraid to ask for help, odds are there are other employees experiencing the same things you are.

  • Prioritize break time! While there is no break room at your house you can designate certain areas of your space that are a NO-WORK allowed zone. This will help you to decompress without feeling confined. Another great way to take a break is to get up and take a walk outside- stretching your legs will help the creative juices flow and will re-invigorate your work-from-home attitude. If you have some vacation days available or are feeling a weekend getaway, try traveling somewhere new to help you take a solid break from work. No matter how you decide to take a break- you will definitely feel better when you back to the office (or in-home office).

  • Get organized! This could mean setting up an in-home office (which can be done in even small spaces!) or planning your days and weeks. Setting up an in-home office is beneficial for more than organization- it helps you define an area in your home where work is the main focus. A good home office should have the essentials needed to get the job done but should also include a good calendar. You know the old saying “a minute spent planning is worth 10 minutes of execution.” Taking the time to plan your work life will change the way you feel about it. Set a designated day of each month to pencil or type the big events coming in the next month. Then each Monday sketch in the events for that week. Each day spend about 5 minutes defining what are the “To-Do’s” for the day. It does not need to be scheduled down to the minute but by defining monthly, weekly, and daily goals you are more likely to stay on track with deadlines but also avoid late-night and weekend work.

  • Practice stress relief each day. Create a time where you can ease the pressure of your job. 10 minutes of yoga, reading a book, meditating, or chatting with coworkers (virtually) will help you to feel more at ease with the rigor of daily life.

While these are just a few tips of the many out there, the most important thing is to remember you are human, and to feel these things is part of life. According to a survey from, about 70% of remote employees experience burnout symptoms! So no it’s not just you. If you feel like you may be experiencing any of these symptoms don’t be afraid to take a step back and practice some self-care- by doing this you will be a more effective worker and everyone will thank you for it.

*This blog post was inspired by articles from Vistage and Half and Half Travel. Click the links to read their respective articles.

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