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6 Traits Every Good Company Has

A group of people happy at work
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The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s about one-third of your life spent in the office, so you’d better make sure you have a good office to spend it at. Company culture has become an ever-important topic and something that many prospective employees are sure to value when searching for a new place of work. For a company to thrive they need to place great importance on cultivating a company culture that generates success and happy employees. With that said here are the 6 corporate traits most sought after by employees:

  • Strong leadership- Companies with good leaders are companies that will succeed. Effective leadership builds strong relationships intra-teams and inter-teams, they motivate their employees all while setting the tone of the company. In short, a good leader is indispensable.

  • Trust- True trust is a two-way street between both management and employee. When trust exists between the two groups the company can accomplish much more because everyone is confident in everyone else’s abilities.

  • Work Environment- The work environment should be a place where the team is able to work most effectively. This can mean everything from ensuring that employees have the right equipment and a clean space to providing a proper work-life balance. After 2020 we all know how a good workspace and work balance is conducive to a healthier mental state- don’t leave the work environment up to chance, actively define the work environment you want to have.

  • Transparency- Good leaders and companies are transparent. There is no information withheld because employees have a right to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Leaders are available to discuss any potential issues and are open to hearing solutions from anyone.

  • Communication- The best companies have communication processes that are clear and effective. The communication practices also encourage staff to be open-minded when seeking advice and encourage collaboration. When issues arise they are handled quickly and without drama.

  • People- Great companies hire great people. People are the true make-or-break of any company; hiring and retaining the right people who will work together to create the best results is the ultimate goal of any business. At the end of the day, it’s the people who cultivate the culture.

By working to establish and maintain these practices, company leaders can expect to see happier employees and better performance. These traits are just the beginning, there are many different traits and habits your company culture can adopt to become an all-around more desirable place for employees to spend 1/3 of their lives. It is a continuous effort that must be taken on by all company members, small actions each day can create an enormous impact.

*This blog post was inspired by articles from JobStreet and Chron. To see each of their respective articles click the links.

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